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Welcome To Len Ceramics
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Welcome to Len Ceramics, I hope you enjoy visiting my website, checking out the pages and the ceramics. If you wish to contact me then please use the form here
Please visit the Len Ceramics store, which you can find here

An Artist On Crete
I receive much of my inspiration from my surroundings, living and working on the island of Crete in Greece makes for a good amount of inspiration and the colours and natures own formations help me in my minds eye plan my art with a vitality of beauty and vividness.

Leanne Mc Cormack (Len) An Artist’s Statement
After undertaking my B.A. In art and design at Manchester Metropolitan University UK, I opened my own studio in Yorkshire before moving to the beautiful island of Crete where again I am following my passion of Ceramics.

Len In Studio
Contemporary Ceramics
By Leanne Mc Cormack

All Contemporary Ceramics are made of wheel thrown porcelain, borrowing from Mother Nature’s inspiration. From the deep turquoise of the Mediterranean sea..........

Students Work

Teaching all aspects of ceramics for beginners. Hand building, slab work, coil pots, Wheel thrown ceramics, glazing and kiln firing. 

History Of Pottery
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Pottery is the ceramic material which makes up pottery wares, of which major types include earthenware, stoneware and porcelain......