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Artist living in Crete

Living on the beautiful island of Crete, where inspiration is found at my feet.
My home town of Agios Nikolaos and its surroundings, not only has its beauty, but is full of history, and Archaeological findings , even dating back to the Minoan period.
Situated in the heart of the town , is the picturesque lake Voulismeni. This is a former sweet water lake , later connected to the sea.With its panoramic views, its a great place to find inspiration and to imagine all those years ago, as the legend has it; the Goddess  Athina bathing in the bottomless lake. Its stunning backdrop of the Sitia Mountains, turning different shades of pink at dusk, keeps you mesmerized till dark.
Energizing Greek sunrises over the crystal turquoise , blue waters of the Mirabello bay Crete, Vitalizes inspiration each awakening. Surrounding the town characteristic Cretan villages are to be found, with field upon fields of countryside and olive groves. Here you are lost in nature itself.
If you want to travel by the water, which is also on my doorstep, there are many small islands to visit, including the very famous Spinalonga; just off the the village Elounda and Plaka. This uninhabited island is a popular tourist attraction, that once used to be a leper colony up until 1975. Full of history and historical findings, you will hear the beautiful story of family ties to the leper colony in the novel 'The Island' by by British writer Victoria Hislop, 2005. Also in the television series 'To Nisi' by Mega Channel , Greece.


       The Island written                    On The Island of Spinalonga
        By Victoria Hislop

Lake Voulismeni Agios Nikolaos, Crete, Greece

So much beauty to take in every day , makes Crete in Greece a wonderful place to live , to be with nature and to follow my passion in the world of ceramics.


    Walt Disney                        "The Lotus Eaters"
"The Moon Spinners"                Set in Agios Nikolaos
 Flimed in Elounda

                  "Who Pays The Ferryman"
                        Filmed in Elounda
                         Agios Nikolaos