Contemporary Ceramics

By Leanne Mc Cormack

All Contemporary Ceramics are made of wheel thrown porcelain, borrowing from Mother Nature’s inspiration. From the deep turquoise of the Mediterranean sea, to the subtle shades of the clouds that hug the costal mountains of Crete, the array of hues are nothing but majestic.
When a crystal is born in the kiln it is unique and can never be reproduced. Just as a snowflake is formed, a perfect creation from the forces of the elements from the earth, each and every time.
Leanne’s (Len’s) work is both functional and decorative, leaving the owner to choose how best to enjoy and treasure his or her individual piece.

You will be assured in the knowledge that as a collector of Leanne’s ceramics, you will be the proud owner, not only of the hypnotic inspiration of Len, but a piece of art that will never be duplicated. It will uniquely be yours to be loved and appreciated, for all time.