Leanne Mc Cormack (Len) An Artist’s Statement

Artist’s Statement

After undertaking my B.A. In art and design at Manchester Metropolitan University UK, I opened my own studio in Yorkshire before moving to the beautiful island of Crete where again I am following my passion of Ceramics.
All my work is wheel thrown , with inspiration found from nature. I find that my work has a natural feel to it, as I’m working with a natural source and I concentrate on developing this aspect. I have always loved the forms of the natural world, for example a Lilly can be very plain, but it’s curves and simplicity add much more. My aim is to interpret this and include it in my work so that people will have much enjoyment out of my pots in the home or at work. Although my pots are mainly decorative pieces, some may be used as functional pieces, depending on the buyers own preference.
Exploring glazes drives my investigation into this work. My desire is to find a family of glaze that will compliment the forum of my pots and work well together. Mottled effects and contrasts in glaze intrigue me, they both have a organic feel and by continual experimentation with glazes I want to find a resemblance to all the colours that we sometimes miss in our everyday lives.
In experimenting with glazes and finding natural effects I was introduced into the field of Crystalline Glazes. This field is full of unique natural beauty. Forming crystals into a glaze is growth in itself. Each Crystal form has it’s own unique signature on the pots, and through experimentation with these glazes I intend to develop a range of exquisite and beautiful pieces.